Animal Welfare
Animal welfare is always at the forefront of what we do here at Dovecote Park. Every effort is made to ensure that our cattle are comfortable and free from stress throughout the procurement process. All our staff who deal directly with cattle are highly trained in welfare and handling techniques, with our housing and handling facilities designed to maximise animal comfort and reduce stress.

As part of our protocol Dovecote Park subscribe to the ‘Five Freedoms’ – a set of ideals laid out by a UK government report in 1965, which has since been adopted by animal rights organisations worldwide.

The Five Freedoms


The regular farm audits conducted by Dovecote Park on all of our farms ensure that all cattle have been housed in comfortable, spacious conditions, with access to fresh water and forage, and that the correct medical care has been provided.


All cattle which arrive at Dovecote Park must be transported by a haulier who has been audited and approved to ABM standards. Strict limits are placed on the length of time our cattle can spend in transit.


Significant investment has been made to ensure our lairages are a comfortable environment for the cattle. Each animal is checked by an FSA certified vet to ensure that they are in good health prior to processing. Our handling facilities have been designed by industry experts with the express purpose of maximising animal welfare. Our lairages are well lit and ventilated, with fresh water and hay provided.