Our Farms
Dovecote Park prides itself on building and maintaining a close, two-way relationship with our farmers. We only take cattle from specially selected British farms, with many of our producers having supplied us since the very beginning.

All producers who supply Dovecote Park are registered members of the Dovecote Park / Waitrose Beef Producer Group, committed to raising livestock to the highest possible standards in order to produce the best quality product.

Dovecote Park will only accept cattle aged under 30 months, and which have spent at least 90 days on a Dovecote Park registered, Farm-Assured farm ensuring absolute traceability across the supply chain.

Standards and protocol

Within the procurement process, the fields team visit the farms in person and are responsible for the day-to-day relationship with the producers, whilst our auditors regularly monitor the farms to ensure Dovecote Parks standards and protocol are strictly adhered to.

Dovecote Park strives to uphold a close relationship with our farmers, many of whom often visit our site for agricultural conferences, factory tours, and the bi-annual Carcase Competition. We also organise regular farm open days for our producers to share best practice, as well as socialise with one another and the Dovecote Park team.

Research and development

Our livestock team also carry out extensive work in research and development, working alongside our business partners and universities, to conduct studies into topics such as genetics, feed analysis and environmental impact studies.