Our Cattle
  • All our cattle are sourced directly from our approved producers to ensure we know exactly where they come from and how they are reared.
  • All our producers must be farm assured and audited to Waitrose Beef Protocol.
  • All our farms are inspected by us before cattle are procured for any schemes.
  • All cattle are transported directly from farm to Dovecote Park by hauliers that are assured under the Assured British Meat standards.
  • All cattle are aged under 30 months (40 months for Highland) to ensure tenderness and taste.

A close relationship

  • All cattle must remain on the last producers holding for a minimum of 90 days before coming to Dovecote Park.
  • Producers must adhere to a strict beef scheme protocol, with strong emphasis on upholding welfare standards to ensure maximum quality is delivered.
  • Cattle must be reared on a high forage based diet, and have access to forage at all times.
  • For welfare reasons, finishing cattle are not housed on slatted flooring.