Veal, the meat from juvenile cattle, is a light, pink-coloured meat with a softer texture than beef and a subtle, delicate flavour. Veal is primarily sold in pre-packaged form at Waitrose, with some branches offering a small selection on the service counter as well.

High welfare standards

Dovecote Park source all our veal from one dedicated, award winning farmer in East Anglia, who has supplied us since the early 90’s, providing a convenient and entirely British supply chain.

Our calves are housed in well-ventilated buildings with plenty of natural light and straw and are fed a diet of milk, water and cereal, that helps produce tender meat. The farm is subject to the same high welfare standards and auditing process as all of our beef producer farms.

Exclusively British origin

Our procurement of dairy calves for veal forms one branch of our Cattle Connect scheme, which works alongside our Waitrose milk partners to offer bull calves from the dairy herd a viable outlet.

Not only does this ensure that all our veal is exclusively of British origin, it also reduces wastage and improves welfare by offering a viable outlet to animals which would otherwise have been seen as a waste product.