Venison – the meat from deer - has a rich, characteristically gamey flavour with a juicy and succulent texture similar to that of lean roast beef. Venison has become a more popular meat in recent years due to its naturally lower fat content, however it still contains enough fat to keep the meat moist and juicy during the cooking process.

The highest welfare standards

Dovecote Park’s venison is sourced from red deer which have been raised naturally on a forage based diet on specially selected farms and estates across the UK. Dovecote Park takes special care to ensure our venison producers operate to the highest welfare standards. During the summer months, the deer spend their time at grass, while during the winter, some may be housed in straw bedded barns to protect them from harsh weather.

State of the art

In 2017, Dovecote Park invested in a bespoke, state of the art processing facility, designed and built specifically to process venison. The carcases are matured in a bespoke maturation chiller before being expertly butchered and packaged for retail.