Our Craft
We take butchery very seriously – it is after all, one of our country’s oldest and proudest crafts. Without the careful work of well-trained butchers, we would have no product to sell!

The best butchers

All butchery takes place in the Boning Hall at our Yorkshire site, which employs 150 staff – including knifemen and knifewomen, as well as support staff and trainees.

We are fortunate enough to employ some of the best butchers in the country, many of whom have worked with us for over 20 years, and who take great pride in passing that knowledge onto new arrivals.

Award-winning Apprentice scheme

Our commitment to teaching this craft to the next generation led to the setting up of our award-winning Apprentice scheme in 2015. We built a bespoke training facility at our main site in Stapleton for our apprentices to learn, and appointed several experienced staff to educate and assess the work of the young people who come through our scheme.

We have had just over 40 people pass through our Apprentice scheme, many of whom have remained in our employment. The scheme has gone from strength to strength and has been recognised and awarded by various employment bodies, including the Princess Royal foundation and the Top 100 Apprenticeships list.