April sees new products launch at Dovecote Park

We are delighted to announce the launch of several new products into Waitrose stores - including a new Easy to Cook Mediterranean Encroute and three additions to our veal range. 
We are proud to announce the launch of several new products to the Waitrose shelf, following months of hard work from our dedicated New Product Development team.

The first of our new products is an addition to the popular Easy to Cook range, our Mediterranean Encroute. This follows on from the success of the Easy to Cook blue cheese encroute we launched in 2015. This brand new product consists of a succulent Aberdeen Angus burger, topped with a sun-dried tomato tapenade and medley of red and yellow roasted peppers, then finished with a creamy buffalo mozzarella and covered with a pastry lattice. The encroute is available in packs of two, and cooks in just 20 minutes, making it an ideal option for busy customers.

‘We’ve had great success with encroutes in the past, and we think this one will be really popular with customers.
’ says Jonathan Murray, Food Innovator and Executive Chef, ‘The sun dried tomato and roasted peppers are classic Mediterranean flavours and have a real touch of summer to them, whilst the creamy buffalo mozzarella really plays off the sweetness of the roasted pepper’.

We have also introduced a number of veal products into Waitrose, including a British veal saltimbocca (pictured). Saltimbocca is a dish with origins in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, and roughly translates as ‘jump in the mouth’ referring to its strong flavour. Our take on this Italian classic uses our high welfare veal topside, wrapped in Italian prosciutto and garnished with sage. The product is packaged with a shallot and caper butter, which is designed to be added to the pan while cooking for a rich and flavourful meal.

The saltimbocca is one of three new veal products we have launched into Waitrose, along with a Cote de Veau (a rib cut which is the veal equivalent of our popular cote de boeuf line), and Veal Fillet Medallions – we are very excited to the see the success of all these products and to expand the range of our industry leading high welfare veal range.

We would like to offer our thanks to the New Product Development team for all their hard work in the launch of these new lines. All these products are available in Waitrose stores as of April 10th – we hope you will give them a try next time you are in store!