Award Winning Roast

We are thrilled to announce our Waitrose & Partners No.1 Dry Aged Hereford Beef Bone In Sirloin Joint won a 3 star great taste award from the Guild of Fine Food.  A total of 12,777 products were entered for the awards this year, with the 3 star accolade won by only 205.  Comments from the judges included:

"Really impressive piece of meat.  The flavour running all the way through the joint from the crust is exceptional.  Cooking it on the bone has kept the meat juicy and tender and the texture is melt in the mouth.  Even the fat is soft and melts, really very impressive."

"Flavour is outstanding.....best thing we've tasted for some time."

"Absolutely exquisite."

But don't just take their word for it, head down to your local Waitrose & Partners shop and try for yourself.