Brand new Christmas products for Waitrose

Merry Christmas from the team at Dovecote Park! To mark the Yuletide season, our NPD team have been hard at work developing a range of Christmas products for the Waitrose shelf! This Christmas marks the launch of bacon wrapped sirloin medallions and British beef rump, along with a dry aged sirloin for the Waitrose1 line. We caught up with the NPD team for a taste of the brand new products.
As the nights become shorter and carollers line the streets of Yorkshire, the time has come to line the Waitrose shelf with some brand new beef products to mark the Yuletide season, and provide a spectacular alernative, or addition, to the traditional turkey feast.

Every Christmas, Dovecote Park are proud to offer Highland beef at Waitrose, the only supermarket which will offer the product. Our Highland beef is available as a sirloin, forerib, fillet or corner cut topside through special order, and also in a small number of pre-packed products on shelf.

 In addition to this, we have developed a number of new products for the Waitrose shelf, the result of months of diligent work from our New Product Development team. Firstly, we have two of last year’s Christmas joints, back by popular demand! The British beef corner cut topside,, paired with a rich garlic and chive butter and a selection of classic British herbs appears once again on the shelf, this time in a new packaging format. Also returning is the venison silverside, paired with a delicious sour cherry and port butter.

 We are also proud to announce the launch of three brand new pre-packed products for the Waitrose Christmas and Waitrose1 ranges. Our British beef sirloin medallions, wrapped in dry cured bacon and packaged in a pair with a mushroom and brandy butter are a superb addition to our range. With the warming festive flavours of the butter, these are an excellent choice for a couple spending Christmas together, or for a special New Years dinner.

 This Christmas also sees two new pre-packaged joints joint our repertoire – including a British beef rump wrapped in smoked bacon, served with a bespoke stuffing.

‘The British beef rump joint is a classic roasting joint, and a great option for those on a more modest budget
.’ says Jonathan Murray, Food Innovator and Executive Chef at Dovecote Park.
‘We’ve developed a really unique festive stuffing to complement the beef and mark this out as an outstanding Christmas product. Using our beef bone marrow underlines the flavour of the joint and is a unique alternative to the pork based stuffings, and the flavours and aromas of Stilton, port and chestnut are classic Christmas favourites. To cap it off, the smoked bacon we’ve wrapped around the edge of the joint helps keep the juices in and adds the wonderful smoky flavour to the roast.’

 Finally, as part of the Waitrose1 line - the supermarkets first ever premium line which launched in May -we have launched a showstopper product in the form of a 30 day dry aged sirloin joint. This is sourced from native breed cattle (Aberdeen Angus and Hereford) and is kept on the bone, ensuring excellent depth of flavour and easy carving. Ben Watling, Machinery and Process Development Executive, said of the product;

Dovecote Park have always led the market in dry aged product, and dry aged sirloins have always been one of our most prized products. I’m excited this time to be offering a sirloin on the bone – this really locks that fantastic dry aged flavour in. We’ve also added some seasonal herbs underneath the fat – bay and rosemary – and these permeate the meat while the joint is cooked. Finally, with the dry aged joint, you get a crackling when the joint is finished cooking, adding an extra treat to the meal. This is truly a magnificent Christmas centrepiece.’
We are delighted to once again be offering such a superb selection of Christmas products and would like to offer congratulations to our NPD team for all their hard work in developing them. All our festive products are on offer in store now – look for them next time you are in Waitrose!