Dovecote Park and Newtech collaborate on latest addition to site

We are pleased to be underway with the latest addition to our site's landscape - in the form of a robotic dry-age refrigeration system, currently being installed by our sister company, Newtech.
Dovecote Park are proud to be a company who continue to push boundaries when it comes to technological advances in industrial food production, boasting a wide range of cutting-edge machinery at both our sites, and continually undertaking careful research both within the UK and abroad to see how our facilities and products could be improved with new and interesting equipment. Visitors to our site, after noting the exemplary animal welfare standards and visual appeal of the grounds are often quick to call attention to the high technological standards on offer within our factory. Our Van de Lande racking system, installed in 2015 and capable of holding 26,000 cases of stock at full capacity has been one of the most notable additions to our landscape.

 We are excited to be introducing another ground-breaking piece of equipment to our armoury, in the form of a dry-age refrigeration system. Dry age has always been a sector in which Dovecote Park have been an industry leading presence. From offering some of the first dry aged beef on the supermarket shelf in 2002, through to winning awards for our dry aged product over the years, we have pushed the boundaries of dry aging, and this is reflected in the evolution of our dry age facilities over time - including the introduction of a specialised dry age butchery team, and the implementation of dry age chillers to selected Waitrose stores last year. 

We are pleased to be working with our sister company, Newtech, a forward thinking and progressive machinery company based in Bedfordshire. Newtech deal primarily with creating equipment for the food sector and have perfected a sophisticated product range over 10 years of trading. The company do a great deal of interesting work in the arena of robotics, and pick and place technology, using pre-programmed sensors and robotic arms to select and portion products. The work we are undertaking with Newtech will ensure that our cuts can be individually dry aged, so as not to touch other cuts during the process – maintaining better temperature control and giving us a sharper selection ability through the use of three robots. This is the first time the company have designed a product specifically for handling purposes, and we are highly excited to work with them on it. No doubt most of you reading will have noticed the pre-emptive construction work being undertaken at the moment in preparation for the installation of the dry age refrigeration system. We hope to have the chiller fully operational by November, and are immensely excited to introduce such a progressive and unique system to our site.