Dovecote Park launch 2017 Christmas products

We are delighted to announce the launch of several new products for the Christmas 2017 season - including several returning products from previous years, and a number of brand new items such as the British Beef Top Rump with Honey Mustard Basting Fat and the Sticky Fig, Prosciutto and Parmesan Rib of Beef.

As the brisk Northern weather turns to the single digits, and our Stapleton site experienced the briefest of snowfalls, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Christmas products for 2017. These products are the result of an enormous amount of work from our dedicated New Product Development team, who have seen two new additions and a change in management in the latter half of the year. Ben Watling, who has spent six years in the NPD team as a Process Technologist, Machinery Development Executive and New Product Co-Coordinator, moved into the position of NPD Manager in October. Over his time at Dovecote, Ben has overseen the launch of countless successful new products, implemented a wide range of cutting-edge machinery to our facilities, gained a degree in Food and Drink Operations and, as the last remaining member of our inaugural NPD team, seen a great deal of change across the business. We would like to congratulate Ben on his well-deserved promotion, and look forward to seeing the department prosper under his management. 

We have also welcomed Philippa Helme to the NPD team, in the position of NPD and Ingredients Sourcing Technologist. Philippa joined us in September after completing a Masters in Food Nutrition. Finally, we are pleased to have added Chris Grant to the NPD team. Chris joined us in early December, coming from a restaurant and catering background, and will be primarily assisting Food Innovator and Executive Chef Jonathan Murray, who celebrated his one year anniversary with Dovecote Park in August. We would like to wish a warm welcome to all the new staff, and are excited to see what the new team will bring to the business.


Alongside the numerous new products, we will be offering our Highland beef this Christmas, sourced from a carefully selected group of farmers whom we have long working relationships with. The beef will be available for special order online and via catalogue, as well as a selection of pre-packed product, including Highland burgers and Highland top rump. Making a return for the 2017 season is theBritish beef corner cut topside, paired with a rich garlic and chive butter and a selection of classic British herbs, appearing for the third Christmas season, and appearing in boxed form for the second year. 

Also making a welcome return is the 30 Day Dry Aged Rib of Beef, a premium product created for the Waitrose1 launch last year, and which one we are delighted to see returning. Sourced only from native breed cattle and kept on the bone for flavour and ease of carving, this is truly among the most indulgent Christmas products available on the supermarket shelf. We are extremely proud to announce the launch of several brand new products for Christmas 2017. Firstly, the Sticky fig, Prosciutto and Parmesan Rib of British Beef will be making its debut appearance on the shelf.This is a unique and exceptionally flavoursome dish – the dried and fresh fig lend the product a traditional English festiveness, the fruit holding a long association with the Yuletide season owing to the reference to ‘figgy pudding’ in the classic West Country carol, ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. The prosciutto and Parmigianino Reggiano cheese add a superb salty flavour to counteract the sweetness of the fruit, and put an Italian twist on a British classic.  This product will comfortably feed 4-6 diners as a Christmas centrepiece, making it a superb turkey alternative for a smaller group of guests. 

Another product we have added to the Christmas range is the British Beef Top Rump with Honey Mustard Basting Fat. ‘We’ve paired our classic British beef top rump with a layer of basting fat  we’ve used cod fat as the base here, blended on site with a mix of breadcrumbs, honey, and a mix of three classic mustards.’ States Ben Watling, NPD Manager, ‘When the top rump cooks, the fat adds succulence and flavour to the beef, which also absorbs the honey mustard flavour.


Meanwhile the remaining top forms a stuffing-like appearance and texture, which goes beautifully with the beef.’ Joining the Dry Aged Rib amongst the Waitrose1 range is the Rib of Veal, procured from our celebrated veal scheme – for which our sole supplier recently won Farmer of the Year at the Waitrose Farming Awards! This is a simple, elegant product, matching a rib of veal with a seasoning mixture of salt, pepper and lemon thyme. We hope this will see a rise in the popularity of veal – a rarely seen Christmas roast – as a centrepiece to the Yuletide table. 

Finally, the Venison Rack is the last new addition to the Waitrose1 Christmas range – this French-Trimmed Venison Rack is topped with a cocoa nib, chestnut and sourdough crumb accompanied by a rich cherry condiment sauce, scented with orange & port and a piquant reduced cherry vinegar sauce. This product is a true showstopper, incorporating a variety of festive flavors through the chestnut in the crumb and the port in the sauce, while the touch of cocoa pairs superbly with the venison. We are especially proud to launch this dish for our first Christmas since the opening of our bespoke venison facilities – this is a product which truly celebrates British venison and the immense efforts we take to procure the best quality product. 

We are delighted to introduce these outstanding products to Waitrose’s Christmas range, and hope to see a great many customers trying them out in place of, or in addition to, the traditional turkey or goose. All these products are available in store now – give them a try next time you are in store! We would like to express our gratitude to our hard-working New Product Development team for all their diligent efforts in the development of these new lines – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team here at Dovecote Park!