Dovecote Park staff visit Plumstead Manor School

On Wednesday 4th March, three staff members of Dovecote Park went to visit Plumstead Manor School in Greenwich, London, to speak to a group of over 200 female students about their career paths, and their experience working in the beef industry.
On Wednesday 4th March, Jane Braithwaite (Commercial), Laura Masters (Livestock) and Rachel Marston (Accounts) attended a Careers Day at Plumstead Manor School, an all girls secondary school in Greenwich, London, where they spoke to a group of 210 Year 8 students regarding their experiences in the meat industry, and how they had progressed in their careers up to this point.
The students were seated in groups of 10 and the Dovecote Park representatives, along with staff from various other companies, circulated the groups in order to speak to and interact with the students directly, and give them the opportunity to ask questions regarding their careers. 

Laura Masters
, Dovecote Park’s Fields Person for Midlands and South East stated;
 ‘As I told the students, it is crucial to enjoy what you do, as you will spent a lot of your adult life at work! It was great to see how they took an interest in where their food comes from, and how sales in Waitrose had a direct impact on what I do in my job. They were also interested in learning about the protocol side of our business, and the importance of building and maintaining strong business relationships – as I do on a daily basis with our farmers. I was really impressed by the range of career aspirations and the drive to succeed that I saw with these students’

Jane Braithwaite,
National Accounts Executive, said of her experience of the event:
I’m not sure who was more nervous, the students or myself stepping back into a school to face 200 13-14 year olds!  All the students were really keen to ask questions and understand our careers, we faced a whole range of questions from ‘What key skills should a mentor have’ to ‘What are your biggest regrets’ and the most common of them all ‘How much do you earn’! The key message from us had to be make decisions based on what is right for you, most importantly enjoy what you are doing and therefore more likely to succeed.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the day, not only did it give me time to reflect on my own career and choices made, it was great to talk to the students about a profession I am passionate about. I do hope the advice we gave will help the students with the decision making they will face in the years to come.
This was a great opportunity for the students to get a real understanding of the breath of career opportunities available and excellent to see the enthusiasm they had for progressing in their chosen professions. I wish them all the best of luck and success for the future. 

The event was a great success, both the staff at Plumstead Manor and the students have spoken very positively of the day – many thanks to Laura, Jane and Rachel for their time and for sharing their experiences with the students!

See below for feedback from some of the students who attended.

‘Yesterday was a great day. All these inspirational women came and told us about their jobs and their early career life. I was very inspired and found that their words actually helped me a lot. The women’s advice was very helpful making me think about my future a great deal. They told us about their work experiences and all their regrets. We asked a lot of questions receiving brilliant answers in return. They recommended to be confident in whatever we do and never stop asking questions.’

The best part of the day was when the people came in to talk to us about their careers - this inspired me very much. We were in such an exhilarating environment which I hope invited, welcomed and comforted our guests who gave up their free time to come and talk to us. I found out lots of different things about a variety of careers, and I look forward to it again next year'.

'I found that the inspirational women’s event as part of our careers day was very enjoyable. By the end of it I felt very inspired and it helped me a lot.
The advice that all the women gave was very helpful and has made me think about my future a whole lot more. They told us about what they regret not doing in the past and I plan to do everything they recommended us to do such as get as much work experience as possible, ask a lot of questions and get yourself out of your comfort zone. Overall all of the women have made me think about my future and I am excited to see what the outcome will be!’