Dovecote Park's COVID-19 Overall Risk Assessment

Dovecote Park's Covid-19 Overall Risk Assessment is detailed below:

1. Work from home, if possible

All reasonable steps to enable people to work from home.

   All staff which can work from home do so, such as Livestock, Accounts, Commercial and IT. Along with high risk vulnerable employees, which use alternative meeting options, such as Teams and or Skype.

2. Consult with workers on Covid-19 risk assessments

DCP operates within current health and safety laws and equality legislation.

·         Dovecote Park has carried out a detailed COVID-19 risk assessment to the BMPA guidelines and communicated out to employees via the staff council.

·         Up-dates are provided to all employees via the staff council every week due to the situation changing daily.

·         COVID-19 awareness information on all TV’s around the site.

 3. Maintain two metres’ social distancing ‘where possible’

Workspaces and communal areas are to maintain two-metre distances between employees.

·         Extra signage on floors have been placed down in all areas.

·         Restaurant and smoking areas have been re-arranged with extra space and signage using marquees erected in outside areas.

4. Manage transmission risk

Where people cannot be two metres apart.

·         Screens/Barriers have been erected in the Retail and Boning Hall production areas. Also, on the stairways to the Restaurant.

·         Employee temperature checks in place, manual and automatic CCTV system.

·         Extra hand sanitiser stations erected on all major routes around site.

·         Non-essential visitors and contractors are not allowed onto site.

·         Grab and Go installed in the restaurant.

·         Limited numbers allowed into small areas.

·         Visors and face masks used in areas where 2m is not reasonably practicable.

·         The Technical department carry out audits on COVID-19 social distancing as per the BMPA guidelines.

5. Reinforcing cleaning processes

Workplaces cleaned more frequently.

·         High usage/contact such as doors, handles and tabletops cleaned on a frequent basis.

·         The site already carries out nightly deep cleaning with chlorinated and sanitiser chemicals daily.