Hereford Beef - A cut above the rest

Dovecote Park began to supply Hereford Beef to Waitrose & Partners back in 1998, and it is pre-dominantly found in their No.1 premium tier.  Hereford beef holds an excellent reputation in the market owing to its increased levels of 'marbling' throughout the meat, which results in super tasty and tender beef when cooked.

The Hereford Cattle Society have produced a fantastic leaflet which communicates the following key messages:

Sustainably Produced Beef
Hereford Beef is produced in the grassy pastures of the Great British countryside.  This grassland captures carbon from the atmosphere and locks it into the ground, so it's not just the grass which is green, your beef can be too!

5 Reasons to buy Hereford Beef
  1. Hereford Beef contains natural marbling which dissolves during cooking, leaving a delicious, flavoursome taste.
  2. Grass-fed Hereford Beef is high in protein, omega-3, iron and vitamin B which are essential for maintaining good health and energy levels.
  3. With a variety of tender and succulent cuts to choose from, you can cook Hereford Beef for all occasions.
  4. Hereford Beef is fully traceable, from farm gate to your plate.
  5. Produced on summer grass and winter forage, no additives or growth hormones are used to produce Hereford Beef.
For more information, head to their website www.herefordbeef.org.uk