New products for January 2018

The first month of 2018 has been one of our busiest yet for new products, with ten new additions to the Waitrose shelf over the course of January. 
While Christmas, and the multiple festive products we launched to mark the season might seem only a short time ago, our dedicated New Product Development team have already been hard at work on the first new products of the year, with a record 11 product launches in January.

British Beef rump with Honey Mustard Basting Fat
was originally launched as a Christmas product, but owing to its popularity with customers the decision was made to keep it on the supermarket shelf year-round! This product matches the flavour and texture of our British beef rump with a honey mustard infused basting fat, which ensures moisture and flavour within the meat and creates a stuffing-like crust on the finished product – a truly outstanding joint for a small number of diners.
The first official launches of the New Year are the first two products in our Flexitarian range – our response to a growing worldwide food trend in which consumers reduce, but do not entirely eliminate meat from their diet. These two products, a flow-wrap mince and a pack of 6 meatballs - are comprised of a 50/50 mix of our British beef mince along with a combination of pearl barley, carrots, celery, onions, haricot beans and green lentils – a perfect choice for those keen to enjoy our finest British beef whilst limiting their red meat intake. 

We are also happy to announce the launch of our Beef Steak Hache. Hache – which translates as ‘chopped steak’ is a product popular in French cuisine, and a staple of the French boucherie. Made using primal cuts with no additives, the hache occupies the middle ground between a steak and a hamburger and can be served in a similar manner to either. Our take on this French classic uses rib and rump mince with no breadcrumbs or additives, and a simple seasoning mix of sea salt, black pepper and chives - the result is an easy to prepare product which, served in the manner of our steaks with chunky chips and a Béarnaise sauce, makes for a highly impressive dish.

We have also introduced Veal Sirloin Steaks, another product which incorporates our welfare-friendly rose veal, procured from the male calves within the Waitrose dairy scheme.
Our Beef Rump Medallions with Black Garlic and Miso Butter are an indulgent treat perfect for a luxurious meal for two, pairing our tender rump heart medallions with the Japanese and Mediterranean flavour profiles of the black garlic and miso butter,

Last and certainly not least is yet another addition to the Waitrose1 line - the supermarkets first premium range - which saw a widely publicised launch in 2016, and to which Dovecote Park have contributed a number of products. Our latest addition to the range is a 30 Day Dry Aged Bone in Sirloin Steak with Dripping, Garlic and Herbs. Using Hereford beef from our historic Hereford breed scheme, aged in our bespoke dry age facilities by our specially trained dry age team, and incorporating our site-rendered dripping; this is a product which truly encapsulates the strengths and industry-leading standards in place at Dovecote Park.

We are delighted to have kicked off the year with such an impressive range of diverse products and hope you will give them a try next time you are in store. As always, immense gratitude is due to our New Product Development team for all their hard work in the development and launch of these products.