Phillippa Helme nominated for Women in Meat Rising Star Award

We are delighted to announce that Phillippa Helme (NPD) has been among the first women to be nominated for the Rising Star award at the Women in Meat awards, scheduled to be held in London in November.
We are proud to announce that Philippa Helme (New Product Development) has been nominated for the Rising Star award at the Women in Meat Awards, to be held in London in November.

The Women in Meat awards were introduced this year, in an effort to recognise the ‘immense and vitally important contribution made by women to the UK meat industry’. The Rising Star category was announced on March 8th to mark International Women’s Day – giving Philippa the distinction of being among the first few women to be nominated.

The new category recognises achievements by women under the age of 32 in all sectors of the meat industry. Explaining the decision to introduce the award, Meat Management editor stated; “We are looking for an outstanding young woman who really is doing a great job and demonstrating a passion and commitment for working in the meat sector,” “Whether it be retailing, wholesaling, processing, manufacturing, butchery or a trade body, we want nominations that will bring forward the wealth of young talent that abounds, and that will recognise someone who can be a role model for other young people in the business, or considering thinking about a career move into meat.”

Phillippa joined Dovecote Park in 2017 as NPD and Ingredients Sourcing Technologist – having previously worked in product development for TMI Foods, and in the catering sector as well as undertaking a Master’s degree in Food Science and Biotechnology. Outside of working on new products for the Waitrose shelf, Phillippa has also been instrumental in the launch of The Juicy Meat Company, the independent brand that was launched into Ocado in June. As product developer for the brand, she works closely with Chris (Grant, Development Chef) on new concepts, research and ingredient sourcing.

We would like to heartily congratulate Phillippa on such a commendable achievement, and will be keeping our fingers crossed for her to become the first Rising Star winner at the ceremony later this year!