Summer 2015 Barbecue range for Waitrose

We are excited to announce the Summer 2015 barbecue range, available in Waitrose stores across the country now. This years range sees a re-imagining of successful products from previous years adapted to improve customer satisfaction, alongside several brand new products resulting from months of hard work from our New Product Development team.
 We are pleased to announce that our redesigned summer barbecue range is now available in Waitrose stores nationwide, following many months of hard work from our dedicated New Product Development team.

Here at Dovecote Park, we strive not only to bring shoppers great value and an outstanding dining experience with all our products, but to use product development to benefit ourselves ensuring we find new and exciting ways to use under-utilised cuts of beef. A good quality barbecue product will rely on the three ‘S’s – sweetness, stickiness and spiciness. Our 2015 range has been consistently built on these pillars, with spiciness taking a central role this year.  

 Taking influence from the popular Korean rib style, we are proud to introduce Korean style thin-sliced, bone in short ribs, steeped in a sweet, lightly spiced marinade containing soy sauce, black bean paste and five-spice. These are remarkably tender, and exceptionally convenient for the busy customer – they can be grilled or flash fried in the pan in just 5-6 minutes.

 We have also changed the format of our successful pepper grill steak from last summer to a pepper steak burger, crusted around the edge to make it easier for customers to cook them on a grill while retaining the fantastic peppery flavour.

Also back from last year with an improved recipe are the sweet chili kebabs – flavourful, pre-skewered and ready to go straight onto the grill!

It wouldn’t be a summer barbecue range without a selection of new burgers, and alongside the revamped grill steak, we are delighted to offer two new additions to our burger range. Our Applewood smoked BBQ burger incorporates a traditional barbecue sauce into the burger to offer a superbly sweet, smoky flavour – perfect for a traditional summer barbecue with a crisp salad and a pitcher of Pimms. 

For those wanting a burger with a real kick, our scotch bonnet, jalapeno and mature cheddar burger is a great choice for those feeling bold at the barbecue this summer. Capsicum chinense or 'Scotch bonnet' peppers are grown in the Caribbean, Guyana and West Africa and named for their resemblance to the tam ‘o’ shanter hat.

These peppers are renowned worldwide for their intensity, graded at over 100,000 on the Scoville scale. Combined with the sweeter, spicy kick of the more commonly used jalapeno pepper and the sharpness of mature cheddar, this product is graded with a ‘4’ chili rating – not one for the faint hearted!

Finally, our Creole spiced sirloin steak, pictured above, blends the tender, juicy texture of our British sirloin steaks with a spicy, flavourful creole rub. Creole cuisine, the cuisine of the colonial settlers of Louisiana is a melting pot of French, Spanish and Native American cooking, and is heavily seafood based, with Jambalaya and shellfish étouffée among its most well-known dishes.

At Dovecote Park, we are always keen to incorporate elements from popular world cuisine into our new products, and thus developed a spice rub incorporating paprika, cayenne, garlic and black pepper, all seasoning staples of Creole cooking – to coat the steak and add a powerful and unique flavour.

We are extremely proud of the new range, and hope the weather in the coming months will stay sunny enough for customers to fire up the barbecue and give them a try!