Wagyu beef launched at the Waitrose service counter

We are delighted to announce the launch of a range of Wagyu products at selected Waitrose service counters - available in the form of fillet, sirloin, rib-eye or Denver steak.

We are delighted to have begun, as of 30th January, the launch of a range of Wagyu products at the service counters of select Waitrose branches across the country.  

Wagyu beef is a product shrouded in mythology and misconceptions, with rumours abound of beer-based diets and daily massages. In truth, the word ‘Wagyu’ simply means ‘Japanese cow’, and refers to cattle from one of the four Japanese beef breeds – Japanese Black, Japanese Polled, Japanese Red and the rarer Japanese Shorthorn. 

Wagyu cattle are prized for the level of intramuscular fat - resulting in a striking and intricate marbled texture to the raw meat and a tender, succulent flavour profile.

Once associated with elite, highly expensive cuisine such as Kobe beef, and unheard of to consumers outside certain London gastronomic circles, Wagyu has gradually become a more recognisable product and appears on more and more menus across the country, even manifesting as a specialty crisp flavour. Nonetheless, the prestige of the product has remained, leading to a rising demand for UK bred Wagyu product.

The first Wagyu cattle were imported to the UK in 2008, and there has since been a rise in popularity of Wagyu cross animals – usually bred with Angus or Holstein cattle to create animals suited to the UK environment.

We have procured British Wagyu-Holstein cross cattle for use in our products. Our Wagyu beef is available as Fillet, Sirloin, Ribeye and Denver steak, and is available at the following branches:

Beaconsfield, Belgravia, Kings Road, Canary Wharf, John Barnes, Gloucester Road, Sunningdale, Sevenoaks, Cheltenham, Maidenhead, Cambridge, Cobham, Berkhamsted, Petersfield, Red Houses (Jersey), Ringwood, Bromley South, Bishop's Stortford, Godalming, JL Foodhall Oxford Street, Marylebone, Henley